SwimtoFly - app designed to learn or improve swimming methods

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app designed to learn or improve swimming methods



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¨SwimtoFly¨ It is a swimming teaching application, designed for those who wish to learn or improve their swimming methods

Ideal for all ages and level of knowledge "SwimtoFly" teaches to swim or improve the method used.

¨SwimtoFly¨ has ¨videos¨ of support with successful techniques that will help improve yours, allows you to register each exercise and evaluate its evolution.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_-58TSEyhhtjo1ty7HumLA




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all person like to swimming. so i like to swimming. hahaha very like to me. we are long time swimming me. come here

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Swimtofly application design for learn swimming techniques. It has all kind of swimming techniques for adult and children as well. Nice hunt

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I am very bad at swimming. So thank you @jlufer for sharing such an amazing app. I will try this app for sure.

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