Flash Forest - Using Drones to Plant 1 Billion Trees

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Flash Forest

Using Drones to Plant 1 Billion Trees



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Hello Friends, Introducing Flash Forest is a drone reforestation company that using drone technology to increase and boost the rate of tree planting.

However, this will help us to surpass the traditional and manual tree-planting and will increase productivity using the advance technology tool.

key features

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Diversity
  • Scalability
  • Cost and data




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so nice very cool and innovative way to plant trees. the flash forest is doing great i guess. The best way to increase the growth of trees or i should say forests

Great and innovative find. Tress gives you oxygen and peoples think about it and make tress in our stress and ither places because its very important for humans. This drone also helps us to make more tress. Nice one.

that's an outstanding idea, we know how important plants are for us, there are some place where human's couldn't go, but now we can use drone to plant trees there.

This is such an awesome idea. It can take a lot of work off the shoulders of people while helping the world become much greener. Thanks a lot for the Hunt! Hope this trend would catch on :)

Great hunt
This is really helpfull drone which we can use for the reforestation and to plant 1 billion trees. It also helps the environment for planting trees.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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I think using drone technology in order to plant trees in areas that have been deforested is a great idea. It could help to plant trees in a cheaper and faster way than is usually done with traditional techniques. Great Hunt

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It saves time & money in agriculture, Instead of hiring 10 to 20 people for monitoring, cultivation & spraying, This gadget will come handy. 😘

Amazing Hunt

It's a nice idea in that it's a low cost method to scatter seeds. In practice though I think most of these seeds will get eaten by birds and squirrels. The reason most people germinate a sapling first is to protect the plant from being eaten before it gets going.

It is need of the day because of changing climate scenario the afforestation is very helpful to reduce pollution and global warming. Great hunt.

Hey @moeenali this is an innovative way to maintain our forest and increase the production this will save time really cool hunt

This is great innovations. Should plants more trees since deforestation issues in Amazon recently, human should care more about mother nature. This should ease the work. Nice hunt!

great hunt. humans have been destroying forests and have been rapidly depleting the earth of greenery. Something that can plant land at the rate at which these drones do can be a quicker solution to reforestation.


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