Bosco - Family Safety & Locator

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Family Safety & Locator



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Bosco monitors your kids’ activity, detects potential threats and sends alerts when your attention is needed.


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Hi brother!
This is really useful that always helps you at the time of need with providing exact alert and location. Family security should be our first priority and such placation can be a better option to find out the right situation of the family member.. although its rating is just above 3 but review is good, so there is no harm to check it.

thank you

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good and people will locate their families and become a helpful of them easily. Great Hunt!

Software like this is a way for you to give your children freedom to play with their friends while you still know exactly where they are and can rescue them if they're in trouble.

This is much needed hunting. I can track my kids and it will ensure your safety as well. thank you very much for this nice hunting

Excellent, as a mother of two children I am always watching for the dangers that are approaching, and having this help will certainly make me feel more comfortable and confident

thanks for nice comment

thank you, great app


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