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Instant News Paper



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Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted.


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I like reading news and this is quite useful for me. Thanks for sharing

I like reading news
And this is quite useful for
Me. Thanks for sharing

                 - alokkumar121

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Instan paper is nice hunt and I like it. Will check out for more details

To get updated about the news and also if you wanna read articles,this is a good place for you.

seems a good app for those who want to read daily news paper nice find

Love Instapaper and use it daily and have for years. Over the past year or so the search function has not worked properly on mobile so I'm a little frustrated as my libtary of saved articles is quite extensive.

This is one of the best apps to store(like bookmarks) articles from varied websites in one place.. And that too impressively fast

Instapaper is by far the best app I discovered last year. I read a lot of articles. Out of which, I find a few that are quite useful. But I never had a place to store them to read later. I tried a bunch of options but instapaper is by far my favourite.

excellent is a very practical way to have in our hands to read at any time without the need for a connection. great hunt

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful tool through which we can read and store articles instantly.
Thanks for sharing with us.

It's nice that you can read the news offline, because sometimes you just arn't in a place that has decent wifi to connect to the internet. Nice find!

You can easily store article to be read online or offline easily. You can read it at your convenience

This is really nice to save the news for offline reading. Nice hunting.

This is really nice
To save the news for offline
Reading. Nice hunting.

                 - engrsayful

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Instapaper promises to be a useful means of catching up with one's reading.
Interesting Hunt. @mukund123
Thank you!

excellent is a very practical way to have in our hands to read at any time without the need for a connection. great hunt

This app will help to save any news that you want and read it later. At your own leisure, you can then read the news that have been earlier saved.


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