VidyoConnect - An enterprise meeting solution

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An enterprise meeting solution



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Stay connected and engaged on-the-go. With a powerful and intuitive user experience from your Android phone or tablet, VidyoConnect delivers the reliability, ease-of-use and rich features needed for productive face-to-face video meetings.


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Since the virus more and more of face-to-face video meeting solutions have became available, with VidyoConnect you get some good options for your device but I would say if you want something to face-time your friends with look somewhere else as this works better for businesses.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. I have seen many types of apps like this but this is so good and also meeting will not require a lot of time. Great Hunt!

There are many platforms like this but this seems like a good hunt. useful for organisations

works okay but it keeps running in the background. I can't get it to close and I have to uninstall it after using it then reinstall it for my next appointment.

Forced to use this app due to provider. Has no instructions regarding data for input fields. No setting, No helps or support... clearly unimpressed with this app.

This is good for taking meetings . I'm going to use it in business management

Bad connectivity! Poor features.. Why another video app? Had to install thot because it's mandatory for the health care service to video chat with primary care physician. Just use zoom or team, or from leading app companies.

Nice Hunting
VidyoConnect is a great enterprise meeting solution app for the remote teams.

Good ap for taking meetings

This is a good use of the android device. Thanks for sharing this hunt

these applications make our work easier thanks for sharing

Wow, it can be an alternative as video conference

Looks like a nice tool for businesses to have meetings and they might try to make the most

It's good to have the VidyoConnect app as an alternative to Zoom!
Interesting Hunt @mukund123
Thank you!


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Needs a lot of work. Videos constantly lag, freeze, & kick you out despite having perfect wifi or cellular signal. Now has a new thing where it refuses to let me into a group. It sits there "loading" for 10+ minutes before I give up on it.