Translatium - Translate Any Languages & Transliterate Words like a Pro

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Translate Any Languages & Transliterate Words like a Pro



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Translatium is a application that enable you translate over 90 languages effectively. It auto-detect languages and also detect and translate images by using camera snap and translate. It can also listen to translated text by it tts feature and it can also read non-latin word effortlessly

It is available on Windows, MacOs, Linux.


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When ever we travel abroad for the first time, we face issue of understand language of that country or region. Translatium Is a good way to solve this problem.

Integration of image scan for its translation in the same app is very convenient. Name of the app is very catchy and explains its purpose on its own. So it helps in ease of remembering it

The most continent feature is the camera translation which can save a lot of time. You can even save your favorite translations. Overall Translatium seems like a solid app to have.

Great and innovative find. This is very useful application and translate many languages easily. I am also using this application and translate other countries languages.

This is nice users can use this translate foreign language to their preferred language with so much ease



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