Arzdigital - Track live price of Bitcoin and Crypto

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Track live price of Bitcoin and Crypto



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Track live price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with conversation support. Read the latest news, analysis and articles of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Build your portfolio by adding coin or tokens and see its value changing at any time. Discuss about your favorite cryptocurrencies with Persian community of Arzdigital.


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Anything that makes life easy and we get to know without much effort you always helpful

A very practical way to be informed about bitcoin and crypto in one place, it offers us very complete information. excellent hunting

Thank you for sharing the app, have a great hunt

This application is really useless, there is a problem with this application ,useful information about crypto world. but needs some improvments.

Indeed pretty useful it is – especially its “portfolio” section which is no common feature on similar Persian apps. Good job! 👍

It is fantastic 👏. But some improvement on updating prices (specially tether) is required. Also night mode is mandatory for such useful softwares.

A great way to Track live price of Bitcoin and Crypto.

Great hunt dear friend
I usually use coingecko for the live prices of crypto and I will also check this one too.
Thanks for sharing with us.

One can get proper information about cryptocurrency on this platform. I hope that those information are really accurate. Thanks for sharing


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