BandLab - Music Recording Studio & Social Network

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Music Recording Studio & Social Network



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Hi Hunters

Today I am sharing a platform that is not just to enjoy the music but a social network for music lovers. Try it out and enjoy the awesome with your friends and followers across the world. Its free and there are no charges to use it.

BandLab is more than just a sound maker, beat creator or song recorder. Discover millions of tracks made by artists and DJs, and create personalized music streaming playlists. Tune in to our daily chart-toppers and see who's performing on live cam!



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I checked out the link - it helps you record songs, and has all sorts of digital instruments that you can use to create the backing music. Teens who fancy starting their own band will love this.

This application is helpful for all the music lovers . Thanks for sharing this...

A great platform for the music lovers and surely they will love it.

Is this app recording our songs ?. I am intresting on music ,so i will try this app. Thank you

For a music lover like me, enjoying music is made much more easier
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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