eZy Watermark Photos - Put Watermark on photos

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eZy Watermark Photos

Put Watermark on photos



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eZy Watermark Photos gives you the security measure you need to protect what is rightfully yours. You can use your name, signature, logo, copyright, and even trademark to create a watermark on photos.




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App won't load at all after working fine for ages. Tried force stop, clearing cache, uninstall and reinstall - nothing. Not hapoy as i paid extra for the full version of the app

I purchased this App but unfortunately, It does not work, it will not load photos! I contacted customer service and they replied to me, however, they did not find a solution to the problem even after the recent update!

thank you very much for sharing a great app,have a great day and have a great mood

People tend to steal photos that are not watermarked, so it's worth giving this a go (if the app works) and you can put your copyright watermark on the photo.

New to the app but loving it so far. The only thing I'm noticing which is a pain, is the plus and minus button to make more or less transparent, the minus button is too close to the back button so it keeps cancelling it. Its very frustrating and I don't even have big fingers.


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