Settle Up - Group Expenses Manager

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Settle Up

Group Expenses Manager



Hunter's comment

The app will help you keep track of your expenses and IOUs: it's perfect for travellers, flatmates, couples, event organizers and other groups of friends. Simply add expenses and let us do the job!


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The support from the development team is incredibly fast. I got my cocerns solved to my great satisfaction

Excellent App. But Add One Print Option. Where we can print out final summary for particular member in single page. (e.g Date, Time, Transaction Name, Transaction Amount, Final Amount). Thank you.

It could be such a great app, but mine stopped working the first day saying there is or poor connection or an outage from their side of course that is the case)therefore the transaction are not sync with the other member... Pity not sure what to do either.

Very useful - replaced a bowl full of receipts and a very tedious job where I used to sit down with a calculator once a week and tot up household expenses. Really very good!

I can see people who are sharing a flat using this, because it makes it easy to divide up what people owe for the running of the flat plus expenses and repairs.

This will help one to be able to keep track of finances of group. Thanks for sharing


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