GoDial - Turn your phone into a Call Center

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Turn your phone into a Call Center



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GoDial is an android application through which you can turn your smartphone into a call center. It automatically places calls for you, track contact status like busy or unreachable. It also reminds you on callbacks.

Increases connectivity by Re churning unreached contacts. Increases Profits and Sales.




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Hi dear hunter @yameen you share a really great hunt for All creatures whose lives busy in the world. With This product they can easily convey messages to your customers and clients. When thy call them the this app Auto canvay message with auto reply service. Thanks again for your effort and I look forward to your next step with best wishes.

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great hunt. i can set a period of the day during which I want to make sales calls and then this app will automatically start dialing calls for me and make sure I am super productive. If it also paid me like a call centre employee then that would be great. may be they can do it on blockchain and give token.

Greeting dear friend @yameen
Absolutely great search especially for those people who want to do something more in their devices. This beautiful application not only providing facility to import your calling detail but also providing call status after ending call. Its notifications reminder is great in various twinkling colour.
Very interesting and useful search..


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