Is NewSteem Responsible for Steem's Stagnating Price?

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Well Steem isn't doing that good, it always seems that Bitcoin goes down Steem goes down, Bitcoin goes up Steem not so much, right now we are at 85 place in Market Cap kind of ridiculous for a coin with so much potential. Is it EIP's fault or downvotes fault or 50/50 curation? I don't think so, well, maybe people will look at these things as secondary data to determine whether to put money into a crypto coin but I think the impact of these things is irrelevant. People aren't putting money into Steem because they don't see any surge in its price for the moment.

An I don't think communities or SMT's or anything else will push the price up, if it does go up it will be because of the inescrutable ides of fortune, somebody decides to put money here and others follow and bam, Steem goes up to two figures, sounds good right, but this could just be a pipe dream, still it could happen.

So no, I don't think all of this in fighting over downvotes over curation rewards over reward curves impacts price, but there is one thing it does impact and that is the moral of the users, for example I see @whatsup being downvoted because, yes that is right because, no special reason she just hit someone's nerve, and she is a rather liked icon on this platform, so just think of someone who isn't that liked. These things don't really affect Steemit's image these are internal problems but they do create bad will, and sometimes this is difficult to overcome.

So just cut this shit out, downvote if you must because a post is a hate post, downvote because it is plagiarized don't downvote because you don't like someone or you are butthurt over something that person wrote about you. I used to be like that you know get upset about what someone said about me and I would complain but damn that was when I was in first grade by second grade I had gotten over that.

Also those circle jerkers who just vote for their own dumb ass repetitive posts, use some of your power for some good authors who need that help, maybe they are third worlders who actually need the money for food, or maybe they are beginning artists in Europe who just need that head start. Let's try to be a little more giving to others, see I have even come to this conclussion after seeing so much crap being written here justifying downvotes and circles, and I really am a grumpy kind of old man, I don't like to go around giving any type of advice.

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Well, I say we form a movement to bring fun back and screw the rewards. It's odd but getting flagged for the last couple of weeks has been freeing.

having explored my masochistic side elsewhere, I can find ways to take pleasure in the pain of my endeavors

See? lol

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....maybe they are third worlders who actually need the money for food, or maybe they are beginning artists in Europe who just need that head start. Let's try to be a little more giving to others,

I was in that very group a while back - and used steem to help me out....

Then you run the wrath of the 'higher than though' steemians who look down on people taking value out of steem rather than powering up , some with implicit (and explicit) intention of never up voting people who do this....what a bizarre mindset.