What is Up With Steemit?

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I had a few discussions about the repercussions that are being seen after HF21, I am certain Steemit is in worse shape now than ever before but I got a lot of comments telling me that I am wrong and invariably I was asked to name one only one good author who has left the platform because of HF21. By itself this request is kind of dumb because in fact it is very difficult to find even moderately good posts on Steemit, most of us just make, let's face it, shit posts. Out of every thousand articles being posted I would bet no more than ten could be considered of very good quality. And to prove this you just have to look at the trending page, hell this page had better quality posts when it was completely taken over by bid bot voted posts.

By the way, the idea that bid bots are now a thing of the past is kind of naive, they are still in business and doing quite well, see with the new convergent reward curve it is very smart to spend three or four dollars on bid bot votes and get a good profit, hell people are now really getting a profit off of bid bots, something which wasn't happening before when what most people wanted was only eyes on their posts profits were secondary. Don't believe me? Just look at what @freedom is raking in every day from bid bot delegation profits.

But you see when people ask me to prove this it really isn't my job to prove it to anyone if you are smart and really want to see this look it up for yourself, but today somebody told me to look at @penguinpablo's reports so I did. And eureka, it is there for everyone to see, Steemit is in really bad shape, less activity, less Alexa rank, less users, less sign ups less everything but still that same group of people who are the only ones who are making a killing keep repeating that everything is Honky Dory, and it is but only for themselves.

Again if you don't believe me take a look at this:


And man, who are these guys making these big transfers and why are they making them? It looks like a conspiracy theory in the making to me. In the meantime Steem's price really sucks. OF course if this post is read, which is doubt-able I expect comments saying that I am taking penguinpablo's data out of context, but numbers are numbers.

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By itself this request is kind of dumb because in fact it is very difficult to find even moderately good posts on Steemit, most of us just make, let's face it, shit posts

It's difficult to find anything here but I hope the upcoming communities feature will help. Already, you can use a Tribe front end instead of Steemit to find content more easily.

But if you like photography, here are a couple of users whose creations you might like:


They're both pros and pretty highly rewarded, too. Sadly, it took HF 21 for Steemians to discoveer @paulmp.

@photofeed is an account worth following for discovering highly skilled photographers.

Very kind of you, thank you!

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The state of Steem is very sad. Even the 2019 #steemsilverround is having trouble making it half way to selling the planned 1500 mintage.

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Good post

I think this new negative downvote lobby group around curangel is like new steem becomes new scam and produce fear amongst investors or ones who oppose their team lobby
May the force be with us

How dare you not toe the party line? Steemit is brilliant post HF21. So much curation going on here now. People upvoting each other...if youre the right people of course but that's besides the point.
After reading this bilge, I need to go off and read a post by one of the in-crowd' to get the taste of negativity out of my mouth and I'd suggest you go and get some brain washing treatment too. You need it.

Nah, I've had a couple of ischemic attacks (you know mini strokes) and some parts of my brain are dead probably that is why I am having these dumb ideas.

I like Steemit, regardless of the value of STEEM

I've been saying it since BEFORE HF21. HF21 is the final straw that will KILL the whale's golden goose, AND THEY DON'T CARE. (They got what they came for...)

Great post!