Promote STEEM to Cz of Binance Again + New Great Exchange

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Youtube is banning cryptocurrency and bitcoin videos - we all heard this news all over media last days, hence i wasnt posting about it as everyone heard.

But now we have CZ of Binance speaking about this publicly. Of course he knows Steemit but im sure hes no updated with many new things - ie that you can post videos here now.

As usual to promo STEEM to the big guys you need Twitter.

Consider to RT my tweet below to make it more visible its a top comment now.


Follow me too guys! I tweet rarely but good stuff and often STEEM tag used.

Worth to note CZ has account here and used to post in 2017 - @czbinance

What video platforms we have here ?

Im aware of by @heimindanger by @theycallmedan anything else we should mention there?

STEEM Top10 Markets


If you still don't know where to trade of course Binance is good, Huobi and Bittrex need KYC but i use them also. VCC Exchange is a new place that i actually use, i suggest to trade a bit of STEEM there.

New STEEM Exchange

They share liquidity with Bittrex hence despite being new the volume is good. No documents needed and bonuses on registrations.


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use twitter to get some free USD in form of stablecoin -

Very good post i resteemed it will be better than youtube after few years

retweeted this - hope it helps - important topic

great work bro!

Great job sir. Still lot of youtubers don't know about steem because crypto community jealous of steem as they promote their projects on Medium, Facebook ,Twitter or YouTube. Never tell people about steem blockchain. Liked and Retweeted

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yes a lot of those guys and dev teams use medium instead.. sadly!

Gave your tweet some <3 but also this, one of the top answers :)
Screenshot_2019-12-26 (18) CZ Binance on Twitter It may be time the #crypto community take a stab at its own blockchain-ena[...].png

You know what to do!

sweet, retweeted too!

retweeted and resteemed. CZ may know about Steem but if he’s not updated on #NewSteem, we should definitely bring it to his attention.

Cheers !BEER

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Hey @kingscrown, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it! is a streaming platform and a Steem app.

thank you, i was sure i didnt know all of them

Congratulations have been nice sharing

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