Stormy Skies

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It has been raining a fair bit here recently. So, here are some pictures of stormy skies taken while out on my walks.

Sometimes, I got lucky, and I was able to get in before it pours. Sometimes, I am not so lucky and was caught in the downpour. If I were near a shelter, I would maybe wait for it to stop. But, if I were caught in a stretch where there is no shelter, I have no choice but to walk back in the rain. It is quite refreshing, and I quite enjoyed doing that. However, when it is thundery, then it is no fun, and not very assuring walking in the rain.

Here in the tropics, the sky can change very quickly. It can change from bright and sunny to dark, to rain and then sunny again all within half an hour. Sometimes, dark clouds bypass the island without dropping a drop.

Nowadays, when I feel that there is a chance of rain, I will take a brolly with me. Still, there were times when I got soaking wet, because I had stupidly thought to chance it.










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