How To Achieve Your Steemit Goal Using Promo-Steem

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There's a secret that wealthy people use to achieve anything they want.

Hell, that's already the first part.

(Guess I'm not so great at this whole curiosity based article thing, eh?)

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The first bit is they firstly believe they can achieve anything they want. Buy a helicopter? Sure. Build a 6-figure steemit biz in less than a year? Yup. Build a Steem-Engine token and exit the biz in 3-4 years for 7-figs? That's easy.

You get the jist of it.

But, that's just one small part to the wealth equation as I like to call it...and the following parts are definitely more influential and important to your steemit success.

However, you must first understand and truly BELIEVE that you achieve anything on this blockchain and generally in life too.

Before we move further, I want you to recite this out loud for me:

"My name is (your full name here) and I can achieve anything I put my mind into because I'm confident in myself and believe my abilities to crush any goal I set"

Cool. I'll talk deeper into affirmations in a later article, as you can see I'm diving deeper into self-improvement as I look to scale from multiple six-figure businesses to 7-figure.

Anywho, now that you're ready to go and in the right mindset, here's the wealth building equation that every rich person tries to 'hide' from you:

Step 1: Set an exact goal. Now, this sounds absolutely corny and like you've heard before, but this is a major key. If you aren't aiming towards something, you're aimless and lost in your own conquers as a human.

AKA more likely to be distracted, and totally unable to stay on track daily...something that you'll soon realize is HUGE for this all to work.

For this example, we'll use "Building a 6-figure steemit wallet in 12 months" as the goal.

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Step 2: Break down the requirements of that goal using math. Let's say the average upvote size is $1,500/month. So you'll need six clients to earn about $9k/month and over $100k in a year.

Ok, cool.

So now we have to break down the outreach using CONSERVATIVE estimates. If it takes 200 articles to get one response, and you have a closing rate of 50% on the phone, meaning you close 1 lead in every 400 articles, it will take you 2400 articles to close 6 clients at $1,500/month.

Ok, cool. Re-read that if you need to.

But, you'll also want to prepare for what I call "@steembasicincome" when steemers don't upvote you and they unfollow you, so to be safe we'll pist 4800 articles to close approximately 1000 clients throughout the year but will receive free SBI upvotes. The higher your SBI shares, the higher the votee you acquire.

Make sense? Sweet, onto the last step.

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Step 3: Take the annual numbers that are required to crush your goals, and set a daily process goal, then crush it everyday.

Back to the math: If we want to ensure a 6-figure profit steemit account in year 1, we need to be sure we have 6 consistent upvoters at $1,500/month, which means we need to post out 4800 articles to crush that goal out of the park based on our conservative estimates.

So, 4800 articles divided by 365 days = 13. So, in order to build your 6-figure steemit account, all you have to do is send out 13 articles/day based off your conservative estimates.

That's it.

Instead of this big "six-figure business" monster, all you've got now is a mere 13 cold articles/day everyday for the next 365 days.

Not too shabby, eh?

Whew. My hands hurt, and some of the math is a bit black & white, but its logical and its the way wealthy people look at goals.

Give it a shot.

Lemme know how it goes.

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Till Tomorrow.

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Some great info, thank you for sharing this!

Awesome found you content on PHC today AKA hive-114105 good walk through obtaining goals, consistency, support, comments and sharing makes life much more fun.

Thats some serious number crunching @tonytrillions! Love it :) Cheers to a wealthy year!

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Now I know why it's taking me so long..
I don't have a proper strategy to follow through it all .. ha ha

Thank you! That was actually quite inspirational. I believe in goals. Without goals, there is no clear cut way to manage life in general. Where to go, what to do.

The numbers are impressive, and truly, I haven't been thinking big enough. With fluctuating and falling steem prices, so many people have taken a hiatus. I haven't figured out how to deal with that yet.

Thanks for the words!


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I agree with you and with @dswigle that we are a bit strapped by the low steem price. But goals are important and a person can indeed grow into them over time.

I need to rethink mo

Hi @tonytrillions, thanks for putting together that model. It’s great to have goals and to think big. We definitely need more of that on Steem!

But I will admit that I’m not following how this model works. Can you share a bit more about how you came up with the figures in step 2? I don’t follow the “let’s say the average upvote size is $1500/month.” How does that work? And then I also couldn’t make the leap to “6 clients” (what does that mean in real world Steem platform terminology?) getting you to $100k a year. I do understand the math, just not how the $1500 per average upvote was derived.

I have never been in sales, and hadn’t really thought of Steem that way. It’s a very interesting idea. I'm trying to imagine myself writing 13 posts a day to achieve a six figure goal. Well, maybe if it’s just a picture and a sentence or two a person could manage that kind of schedule. If you did one of those posts every half an hour you would be done with your work for the day in six and a half hours. But then you would also need to factor in curation time, since really that’s going to play a huge role in getting you those clients. And of course you would need to be careful that you don’t come off as a spammer.

Maybe I’m bringing if too much real world thinking into what was intended to be a hypothetical idea?

Thanks for the motivation tips and congrats on being the selection for today at PHC.

Those are some pretty big goals.

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