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Recently we got some unpleasant news here, some of the people who had a big influence here have quit their job. They are tired, needing rest to calm their minds.

I didn't know what they were hiding, so they were out of the zone they had been defending. I was very sad to see this incident.

What is Justin planning to do now, is it for Steemit's future progress? Or vice versa?

Hopefully this will not adversely affect the platform that we love. We leave it all to them, because maybe they are more understanding about Steemit's future predictions.


Well, as usual I will show you the price or graph of these two crypto, Steem and Tron.

  • Steem

Today's Steem chart movement looks stable, today Steem reached 0.00002250 Btc before falling again at 0.00002184 Btc. And market activity there is still stable.


  • Tron

The Tron graph is almost the same as the movement of the Steem chart, and is still said to be normal. Today's Tron price reached 0.00000205 Btc and fell at 0.00000199 Btc. Market activity is also still normal.


I only compare the two cryptos every day (if I don't have the chance to update them, I'm sorry).

This purpose is only to share news about the crypto market, so that people can more easily or immediately find out here.

Follow me @xoxois so you don't miss the next news. Share this post so that the other Steemians can find out, and so there is no misunderstanding between the two currencies.

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