Learning about Fabric Printing || Major Faults on Transfer Printing || What's are the Remedy

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We have discussed about the basic methods of fabric printing that are widely applied in Textile sector.

If you missed that session, you may go through the following link: Basic Printing Methods

Today we will discuss about the major faults of one Method among these.

05 Major Faults of Transfer Printing:

01. Cracking

Cracks may appear in the design due to poor treatment or inappropriate viscosity of printing paste.


Appropriate thickener and other ingredients to be used.


02. Stain due to friction

This types of stain occurs when the printed portion is still wet, and come into the contact with some dry staff.


Drying & fixation properly.


03. Miss-alignment

Incomplete transfer of design from paper to fabric due to removal of transfer paper while the fabric was still hot.


Transfer of paper after the fixation.


04. Banding

This defect is created by the print head’s movement over the substrate during transferring.


Welding the transfer paper to the fabric.


05. Flushing

Flushing is caused due to low viscosity printing paste in wet transfer with highly moistened fabric.


Using evenly moistened fabric with regulated contact pressure.


This is Tariqul Islam , I am Lecturer of a recognised Textile Engineering College in Bangladesh. You may follow me to get posts about textiles, fashion and others..

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