The Two Justins in Simple Poems

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There are two very popular Justins in music industry: Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Both artists provided a huge contribution in music industry with heaps of hit songs and millions of records sold.

I decided to create this post which was inspired by the beautiful Mariah Carey post by @ARTicLEE but I'll be focusing on the songs from Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber.

Justin Timberlake

I'll start with Justin Timberlake. I became a fan when he had gone solo back in 2002, though I must admit I am an NSYNC fan since their "No Strings Attached" album. Timberlake became a superstar but it's kinda sad for NSYNC because his hindered the long overdue reunion for the group. Of course, NSYNC had a short reunion but as part of Justin's performance for receiving a vanguard award from MTV Video Music Awards back in 2013. Other than that, fans are still hoping for a reunion tour. Timberlake isn't that relevant nowadays, and time may come they will reunite someday.

Here is the poem. The title of Justin Timberlake's songs are in bold letters.

Nobody can love you "Like I Love You".

I never felt you loved me like I do.

Been there with you, summer

or winter.

But you broke my heart so "Cry Me a River".

You're the only one, my "Señorita".

Your face, your smile, lady bonita.

Everytime I hear your voice, "I'm Lovin' It".

Singing a beautiful song, it became a hit.

All I want is to be with you, the only one, "My Love".

But it's merely a dream, a dream is all I have.

Your promise to love me "Until the End of Time".

But reaching for your heart, I have to climb.

I've been asking "Where is The Love?"

I should've seen the "Signs", I felt robbed.

The former us is already "Dead and Gone".

And I realized it's "Not a Bad Thing" that we're done.

Now that you're "True Colors" has manifested.

"Can't Stop the Feeling" about everything being wasted.

But here I am now, wearing my "Suit and Tie".

Moved on, no more tears, no more cry.

I looked better everytime I see myself in "Mirrors".

Heartbroken no more, happiness takes its course.

Not anymore the "Man of the Woods", I see the light.

Galaxies, constellations, stars shining bright.

Someone told me to "Say Something".

Thanks to you, in the rain I'm dancing.

Justin Timberlake has released five albums, featured in several songs by other artists, and curated soundtrack albums.

YouTube/Justin Timberlake

Justin Bieber

How about the other Justin from Canada? He's no other than Justin Bieber. Back in his younger years, there's a phenomenon known as Bieber Fever. He maintained his fame despite his ups and downs, until he matured as a human and as an artist. He continues to top the music charts and gone is the phrase "Bieber Fever" because we have a different Justin Bieber already. His song "Baby" was once the most disliked music video on YouTube, but his recent releases are greatly accepted and even lauded by critics.

The song titles of Justin Bieber are in bold letters.

Looking at you, hoping you'll look at me for One Time.

You seemed the One Less Lonely Girl, but still on the prime.

I approached you to introduce myself, and be my Baby.

Somebody to Love, I know it's you, beautiful lady.

Hoping you'll Love Me, on my knees, started to Pray.

So please don't go because I'll Never Let You Go.

I'll always be right Next to You if you want me to.

Never Say Never will you ever be happy.

If I'll be your Boyfriend, your days will be lovely.

As Long As You Love Me, I'll treat you like a queen.

Take you All Around the World, places you've never been.

This is a different poem with Justin Bieber's song titles on it.

Sorry if I hurt you, for all the pains, and tears you cried.

I asked "What Do You Mean" on your statement, but you lied.

I understood those words you've said, you're just broken.

Love Yourself before anyone else, don't let joy be taken

By anyone who will only take advantage of you.

May be your Company, Friends, or lover too.

I am Confident that you are on your Recovery.

All That Matters is you are not anymore Lonely.

For 10,000 Hours, my life is like a Rollercoaster.

Just Hold Tight because it won't be Forever.

I apologize as I haven't Stuck With U.

I'm a changed man now, see, I'll Show You.

If you accept my friendship, I'll shield you from a Monster.

I'll surely Hold On, and Stay, be providing you #thatPower.

Justin Bieber had numerous songs released since he debuted by late 2000s. He became a favorite by other artists to collaborate with. Despite the whole issues and hullabaloo he'd been involved with, he's able to cope up. A better artist now, he's undeniably one of the most influential recording artists today, which he had maintained for more than a decade already.

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