Altcoin Fantasy: An entertaining & incentivized way to learn trading

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If you are even a little bit into crypto trading and haven’t heard of Altcoin Fantasy you must’ve been in a nuclear bunker somewhere. Very simply it’s a Fantasy Crypto Trading Game similar to Fantasy Football, Baseball, or Soccer. You never trade with your own money & if you place in many of the top spots you can win immediately or gain points to spend of digital assets, trading vouchers, pro-memberships, etc. I placed 10th in the EventChain contest #81 last week & won 3,950 EVC tokens (roughly $10 USD value).
That have also just updated & completely revamped the iOS app App Store

If you haven't already, signup for Altcoin Fantasy and start having fun as you learn to trade. 8629DADBF89B41C381A713970BEC9DCC.jpeg


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