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Steemleo DEX

We all know Steem-Engine, but one of the tribes created through Steem-Engine, has created it's own decentralized exchange, Steemleo Dex. It has some nice features, like a real-time value update of your total Token portfolio. And it is valued in USD, Steem and Leo, which makes it kind of fun too. The fees on the DEX are 0.25 % which is more than acceptable, but not every SE token is listed there, .... yet?

Claiming of the rewards can also be done, and more importantly you can claim 'em all at once, which isn't possible yet on SE.
There also the possibility to transfer tokens, stake, unstake, etc...

Now to my portfolio:


Today, at 13:45 my SE token wallet was worth 528,89 USD or 3722.483 Steem. Which is not bad at all.
The major part of that is in Sports token, but I am working on building my portolio up with some bigger stakes in Dblog, Lassecash and Photo, because those platforms have a good feel and in my humble opinion a good future ahead.

I will try to give an update on my portfolio every now and then and see where the big changes lie.



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Good for you! You’re destroying me, that’s for sure!

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I was also thinking about using Steemleo Dex, thanx for letting us know.

I am optimistic about the future of the Leo Dex.