My road to a Tesla Model 3 via Steem!

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Impossible? We'll see...

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range I put together on their official site

Ok, here is the challenge I put myself into. In a year's time I would like to be able to buy myself a Tesla Model 3 Long Range via Steem. Say what? Yes, you read it correctly. Maybe I'm mad, maybe I am not, who knows, I am just ambitious in everything I do. That's all! ;-) A recent video on Youtube, by a Tesla Model 3 owner made me think about this, and I am going for it. This post will probably have to go viral for that, but at least I am trying. And not trying, well then it will never happen. The video is below.

Now what does it take to buy a Tesla Model 3 Long Range in Belgium? The model I want to buy costs today, all taxes included, 63010,00 EUR, which is equal to 70121,00 USD or 568241,491 Steem at current rates! Wow, that is a lot. Because at the moment I am the owner of only 4326 Steem. So that is about 564000 Steem short of a Tesla. LOL But, no worries, I have a year for that, even more LOL!

No more kidding, how will we do this?

Well, it will be one hell of a task, but in my opinion it is possible. Just not a the current Steem prices. So, I am going to change a few variables that will make it a bit more realistic. First of all, I am assuming Tesla will drop the price of this car a bit in a year. So, I am taking a price of 55000,00 EUR or 61111,11 USD. And on the other hand, I am also assuming Steem price to rise in a year from now. I am not aiming at 1 USD, but around 0,30 USD, that is definitely not out of reach. So that would make 203703,70 Steem the goal. Which I will round to 200000! That is the goal. Now, once you have set a goal, everything is possible someone told me, and they're correct!
Now, today on average, I am earning around 35 SP per week through posting and about 5 SP by curation. So that makes 40 SP a week, times 52, equals 2080 SP. That is still 198k short. But there are some other things I need to take into the equasion. I have an income of Steem-Engine tokens weekly, of which I sell some, and stake some. The last weeks, that was on average around 15 Steem per week.
So that is 55 SP a week. And then there is the inflation of Steem, which is currently at 2.19 %. So that needs to be put in the equasion too. And, I am not done, I mine some bitcoin too, through Cryptotab, which I sell for Steem, and that gives me around 10 Steem per week too. So, we're at 65 Steem per week, that is 3380 in a year. Still by far not enough, but by staking my curation rewards will rise too. So, what else is there to do? .

Create better content, and get more and bigger votes!

So that is my plan, create better content! Through my Sports passion, especially football on and through my photography, probably through Appics, as the APX rewards are very nice too. Will it work? I have no clue, but I set a goal, so I have to try my utter best now!
Hopefully this content gets discovered, and appreciated through upvotes. I will track my progress weekly, and we will see how close I will get on January 8 of 2021!

The price of the Tesla Model 3 is still way off of the "affordable" car Elon promised us

Progress to 200000 Steem: 0.209 SP, or 0.000104 %

Since the start of writing this post, I gained 0.004 SP through the inflation, and 0.205 SP of curation rewards, woohoo, we are off!



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Let's first start with a push in the back via !trdo and !BEER.
So, now to the real business! I would be great if you could pull this off! Great is maybe not the correct word, amazing or unbelievable comes closer I guess.

Writing about your passions is indeed a great start! This keeps the motivation come in a natural way, so you don't have the feeling that you have to post to post to earn! To bad the big upvotes really go to sportsrelated content :(
Let's say 2 post per day. with 359 days left om this year (you are lucky with the extra day this year) you will need to earn 529 steem per day. Due to inflation a little bit less. This means that the earning from posting should be 65 steem per day. Due to the 50/50 split, the daily postsing $ value should be 130 per day! That is why this would be amazing!

But I will follow your progress and I hope that you will succeed!


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Hehe, I know it was a kind of crazy idea to type this, but I know myself, and when I set goals I always do better, so that is kind of the spirit behind it! Thanks for the !BEER and !trdo ;-) now you get some back!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Nice goal for the year. I started two years ago with the same idea, but still haven't gotten very far...

Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Wow, that sound good or achievable goal. Go go go for it!

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I wish you the best of luck with this lofty goal!

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