Today's STEEM and BTC charts - Starting from February 24 to present

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In the last few months Steem and Btc prices have not soared up, but have gone down. But there were at that time the graph both had also drove up before going down again. When viewed from the two graphs below, it seems like going upward requires a long-term process, but no one predicts that the second graph will decline at the bottom.

Unfortunately on these two currencies already known to many people and even almost everyone, especially on this platform. And all hope that the current price can return to its former glory a year ago. But I still believe with both currencies, can still return at least half of the peak price at that time.

Below is a Steem chart, the graph is pretty good, why? because even though the graph is decreasing downward, there is an upward resistance that can awaken or animate the graph.

grafik steem.png

In contrast to the BTC Chart, from February 24 to the present, the graph seems to have dropped downward without any upward resistance like Steem. But this should not only be that Btc cannot rise, that is a big mistake. No one would have thought if the graph suddenly jumped up to the top, as it had in those days.

grafik btc.png

This can change like what we see now, suddenly and no one expected it. I still believe it will happen someday, in the sense of the word even though the graph is decreasing it is still most likely to go up sometime. There is no clear reason, but it must be done in the shortest time possible.

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