I Suck at SteemMonsters

in steemmonsters •  6 months ago 


Well this season of SteemMonsters has really gone bad for me, I finish one quest every few days I only won finished two quests this season so I guess I will just take a Sabbatical and wait until next season to start again.

I got up to Bronze II and now I am not even at Bronze, I have lost too many points, not any problem I just don't have any good cards and after all this time I am not even sure of what cards to play I am kind of dumb that way, you know I tried Gods Unchained and I never won a single battle.

Well I will have to see how next season plays out, sometimes I think it is just better to quit completely, maybe someone else has a better use for the cards I do have.

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There are worst things to suck at. I have not even tried this monster thing.

There are worst things to
Suck at. I have not even
Tried this monster thing.

                 - deepwaters

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