Halloween We Bare Bears - easy draw how to

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Hello, friends!

Getting idea from my favorite cartoon and the halloween season, then I tried to draw them with simple easy steps.

First all you need to prepare are just a piece of paper, a 2B mechanic pencil, an eraser, and a black marker.

How to draw it easily:
1st part
I started from the left side, i tried to draw the ice bear first. Draw the 2 ears like the half circle shape then draw some part of the head and hand. Then draw the face and also pumpkin and the cutter on its' hand. Then finish with the 2 legs and finish also the jack o lantern pumpkin and also the ice bear's pumpkin costume.

2nd part
Drawing the panda. First draw the shape of 2 hands and the head then fulfill it with eyes, nose and mouth and also finish the hand. Draw the body and 2 legs, bold some parts of its' body like in the picture. Don't bold it too thick. Then last part is drawing the witch's hat and also its' ears. Bold thick the witch's hat.

3rd part
Drawing the grizzly
I started with drawing the 2 ears and head, then eyes, nose and mouth. Draw the dracula teeth inside the mouth. Complete with 2 hands, body and leg, also the bow. Also draw a piece of paper on its' hand and write happy halloween!

Now, after finish, just bold it with the black marker. To make it more real, i erase the pumpkin's hat. And then bold all the line with the black marker.

Then it is finished. You could also try this easiest to draw we bare bears in halloween edition.

Happy drawing!

Posted from my blog with Steem中文社区 : http://cnstm.org/blog/2019/10/25/halloween-we-bare-bears-easy-draw-how-to/

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These are adorable. Nicely done with the step by step.

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thank you :)

Brilliant work! Thanks for showing us your step-by-step as well.
I found this post thanks to @stortebeker featuring you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the good work!

you're welcome & thanks a lot for the appreciation

Hey @devyleona, just wanted to share with you my curation post, where I shared this wonderful post of your...
But you beat me to it, and already thanked me in a comment!
Anyway, here is the link, in which I was going to let you know about it:
Cheers, and looking forward to some more how-to-draw posts from you.

thank you very much for appreciating what i made :). hope you could enjoy my other articles @stortebeker

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thanks :)

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