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Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. They are known for the theory of relativity and mass-energy equation E = mc2. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for the discovery of theoretical physics, especially light-emitting electrification. They were citizens of many countries (Germany, U.S., Austria, Switzerland). Einstein is said to be the father of Modern Physics. Einstein wrote more than fifty research papers and books separate from science. In 1999, Time Magazine declared the Century-Male. According to a survey, he was considered the greatest scientist of all time. Einstein's word is considered synonymous to intelligent....Albert Einstein Quotes

Albert Einstein Quotes - Best Inspirational Quotes

Quote 1: There are two ways to live life. First of all, there is nothing Miracle, secondly that everything in the world is a miracle.

Quote 2: Two things are infinite: the universe and the foolishness of man; And I can not say strongly about the universe.

Quote 3: The person who never mistakenly did not try to do something new.

Quote 4: Every human is genius. But if you judge a fish with the ability to climb its tree, then he will live his whole life thinking that he is a fool.

Quote 5: Do not try to become a successful person. Rather than being a person running on the Values.

Quote 6: In front of God we are all equally intelligent and an equal fool too.

Quote 7: When you are sitting with a nice girl, it looks like one hour, one second. When you are sitting on the incandescence ember, it takes about one second like one hour. This is the relativity.

Quote 8: If you want to live happily, then bind it with one goal rather than a person or object.

Quote 9: According to the best of their capabilities, the conviction in political matters is the duty of every citizen.

Quote 10: Coincidence is the Left's secretive way of God.

Quote 11: Anger resides in the chest of fools.

Quote 12: The correct sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imaginative.

Quote 13: If human life is to be alive then we will need a completely new thinking.

Quote 14: The logic will take you from one place to another, the imagination can take you anywhere.

Quote 15: The man should see what it is, not what it should be according to him.

Quote 16: A table, a chair, a bowl fruit; What else to be happy?

Quote 17: Information is not knowledge.

Quote 18: Any problem can not be solved by staying at the same level of consciousness on which it originated.

Quote 19: Peace can not be achieved by putting emphasis, only by understanding it can be achieved.

Quote 20: Trust is identified only by real risk.

Quote 21: The opportunity is hidden in the middle of the problem.

Quote 22: More than knowledge, imagination is necessary.

Quote 23: If the facts do not meet with the principle then change the fact.

Quote 24: Without question, respecting an authorized person has to go against the truth.

Quote 25: Those who understand themselves as Judge of Truth and Knowledge, these liar beliefs destroy God.

Quote 26: True religion is the true life, living with your whole soul, all goodness and all generosity is the true religion.

Quote 27: I do not say good or bad to anyone in heaven and hell because my friends live in both places.

Quote 28: A man never knows how to give a good farewell. And a woman never knows when to give a good farewell.

Quote 29: I do not have any special skills, I am just curious.

Quote 30: This world is terrible, not because of those people who do bad but because of those people who see bad and let them get worse.

Quote 31: Education is what you remember even when you forgot everything that you remember.

Quote 32: Staying in search of truth and knowledge can be the biggest feature of a person.

Quote 33: The circumstances are stronger than humans.

Quote 34: Violence can always get rid of the obstacle, but it can never be creative.

Quote 35: Time is too short, if we have to do something then we should start from now.

Quote 36: Personality is not created by hearing or seeing, it is made by hard work.

Quote 37: The person's value is not what he can achieve, but it is in what he can give.

Quote 38: Fear can not bring peace, peace comes when we try honestly for mutual trust.

Quote 39: Thinking about Newton means to remember their great works. It can be argued about the personality of them, that they had to struggle in proving a universal truth.

Quote 40: You must learn the rules of the game and then you will play well with any player.

Quote 41: Learning from yesterday, live in today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is, do not stop questioning.

Quote 42: Peace can not be kept by power. It can be obtained only by understanding.

Quote 43: We can not end our problems with the same thinking, with the thought we have created them.

Quote 44: The difference between foolishness and intelligence is that there is a limit to intelligence.

Quote 45: Madness: Doing the same thing over and over again and always hope for a different outcome.

Quote 46: Most people say that it is intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong, the character makes a great scientist.

Quote 47: If you can not explain something in a simple way, then it means that you have not understood it correctly.

Quote 48: Science is lame without religion, Religion is blind without science.

Quote 49: If you are driving safe while kissing a beautiful girl, it means that you are not paying much attention to the kiss as much as you should be given.

Quote 50: Gravity is not responsible for falling in love by people.

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