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Gautam Buddha Quotes - Best Life Changing Thoughts

  • Better than thousands of hollow words, it's a word that brings peace.
  • Hate not with hatred ends with love, it is eternal truth.
  • What we think, they become.
  • You are those you have lived, you will be what you will be right now.
  • Just like a candle can not burn without fire, in the same way man can not live without a spiritual life.
  • While walking on the path of truth, only we can make two mistakes, do not decide the whole path and do not start it.
  • Health is the greatest gift, Satisfaction is the biggest wealth, Loyalty is the biggest connection.
  • Three things can not hide for long, sun, moon and truth
  • Do not depend on others to do their own work for their salvation.
  • Do not overgrown anything that you have and do not jealousy to others, who jealous of others does not find peace of mind.
  • There is nothing dander from the habit of doubt, it separates people from doubt, it is a poison that breaks friendship and breaks good relationships, it is a thorn that hurts, a sword that kills.
  • I never see what has been done, I always see what remains to be done.
  • Whether you read or speak as many holy words, what will they do for you as long as you do not use them?
  • Compared to a wild animal, it should be feared more than an evil friend, the animal can only harm your body, but a bad friend can harm intellect.
  • You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.
  • Whatever we are, what we thought till today is the result of this. If a person speaks or works with bad thinking, he is hurt only, if a person speaks or works with pure thoughts, happiness never leaves him with his shadow.
  • Man is pure or sage, not from birth but from karma.
  • Do not focus on the past, do not even dream of future, focus your mind on the present moment.
  • Keeping anger is like holding a hot coal with the determination of throwing it on someone else, you only burn in it.
  • It is a matter of luck to meet life, death is a matter of time, but after death it is a matter of good deeds to live in the hearts of people.
  • It is easy to win over thousands of warriors, but whoever wins over him is truly victorious.
  • All the wrong actions come from the mind itself, if the mind changes, then what can be wrong?
  • Thousands of lamps can be lit by reducing their light without the same lamps, so sharing happiness also does not reduce the happiness but it grows even more.

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