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The Secret About Life - Inspirational Speech

I am seeking you five minutes of your life today. If you want to be happy for the next fifty years, then read it carefully by taking the next five minutes... The Secret About Life - Inspirational Speech, Inspirational Words,
Unique words..that have the power to change your life.

All of you who are on this earth … You have unlimited powers within everyone. All of you have the ability to achieve success and prosperity in your life. But for all of these you have to pay a fixed price.

The person who is ready to pay the higher price … he gets as much success in his life. But before that everybody has to find answers to some questions. These are some of the questions that change the life of a person.

These are some questions that decide what you will achieve in your life. The first of these questions is - Who are you?

Can you answer yourself to the question - Who am I? And what do I want from my life?

Is achieving success just my sole goal? Have I come to earn money in this world? Or I have come to live anonymously life in this world. What is my purpose?

When you want to become the owner of your life then you know which direction you have to go in. Even if you do not have any plans..but you know what you want to be.

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You are the driver of your life car. You sit on the driving seat and you know where to take your carriage. If it is not so…If you do not know which direction you have to go in and if you do not even try to know it then your life will start running on your own.

Martin Luther King had said that "Not everyone can be famous", but everyone can succeed because the success comes from the deeds you have done.

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But today in the world we live in, when we judge someone's success here … then we see how well that person is and how much money he has. We have made, being of famous or having money is the criteria of success, whereas this is not true.

There are so many famous and rich people came in this world till date … but after their death nobody remembers them. If you are not sure … then tell yourself, who was the richest man in this world before Bill Gates and who was earlier than that?

99% of people will not be remember, yes you can research on the internet and answer, but you do not remember yourself. But the hard work done by you, the good work done by you, the good services you have given are always remembered by the people.

So I guarantee you that if you work in a right direction in your life with true mind and full perseverance. If people are benefit from your given services then success will follow you automatically.

So friends..If you want to be happy and satisfied for the next 50 years, instead of fleeing money or fame, start enjoying your work. The better you can make your services so try to make them. Success and fame come behind you automatically.

Thank You!

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