Sweet scot features

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SWEET SCOT features.

  • Airdrop
  1. To voters on a post
  2. To Resteems on post
  3. To followers of an account
  4. To delegators of an account
  • SCOT distribution
  1. Based on stake (Stake Rewards)
  2. Based on comment on post( eg !beer)
  3. Based on PoB (Posting and curation Rewards)
  4. Custom Distribution based on combination of PoS and PoB.
  • Custom front end
  1. Fork of busy.org
  2. Integration with PoB.
  • ICO
  1. Custom front end and token sales
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Looks promising :-)

Do you have a pricing list anywhere? I’m curious about the busy.org fork, thanks!

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Upvote, Resteem and Follow


Du you have the documentation of SCOT?

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