Indonesian Quick Bites: Tofu with Meatball Mixture

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TAHU COCOL and TAHU BALIK are two types of snacks that are almost the same but with a different presentation.


Both of these snacks are types of tofu filled with meatball mixture.


So, during the day I searched for a snack stall stall near my home, and I found a small Stall often called by people with TAHU COCOL SIMPANG PASAR X


Although it looks very simple, but the taste of TAHU COCOL is quite good when served with spicy sauce.


Type TAHU COCOL is presented by steaming first.


Meanwhile TAHU BALIK is served by frying.


TAHU COCOL SIMPANG PASAR X also sells other types of food that is SOMAY which is a mixture of steamed vegetables and meatballs which are then served with peanut sauce.


Although it's not so special, but I will buy this snack again even if only occasionally. But I will only buy tofu that is served by steaming.

So, that was about my little story about my snack time for today.

Hope you doing well and until next!

Enjoy My Post and Have A Great Day!


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Restaurant Information

Tahu Cocol Simpang Pasar X
Binjai, Binjai City, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesian Quick Bites: Tofu with Meatball Mixture
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