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WD Coffee and Resto is a busy place even in the midst of encouragement not to gather due to the threat of the Covid-19 virus. Although the City of Bireuen, Aceh, is not a Corona pandemic area, many residents are now starting to protect themselves.

But the habit of drinking coffee continues to run with some changes for health reasons such as washing hands, keeping a distance from strangers, as well as a number of other health standards.

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When last week I stopped at WD Coffee to meet old friends, I saw this place full of visitors. This condition is understandable because WD Coffee is a complete coffee break place.

Here not only talk about delicious coffee, but also complete with various other types of food. Many types of Indonesian special cakes here. There are also various breakfasts that can be chosen by visitors.

WD Coffee_03.jpg

WD Coffee_05.jpg

For coffee, a waiter said for me, many visitors liked coffee and black coffee. But for young people, many also choose green tea, both hot and with ice.

I ordered an espresso sanger after finishing breakfast at WD Coffee and Resto. I think this is a suitable drink to accompany us to share stories about the past.

Two of my friends ordered green tehi and black coffee. While my children and niece ordered warm chocolate.

WD Coffee and Resto provides a place on the terrace, inside with artistic wooden chairs or sitting on a sofa. The interior is very artistic and suitable for visitors who like to take pictures with interesting backgrounds. But for me just enough coffee and stories from the past.[]

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Restaurant Information

WD Coffee and Resto
Jl. Yoesoef Bahroen, Geudong Geudong, Kota Juang, Kabupaten Bireuen, Aceh 24261, Indonesia

Complete Coffee Break at WD |
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