Assortment Indonesian Cakes - Jakarta, Indonesia

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Hello, foodies!
Thinking about what to share here in take away, i remember a place where we could buy many kind of indonesian cakes in affordable price.

This was vinna bakery


A homy bakery which sold many kind of indonesian cakes, from savory to sweet, from lemper to putu ayu.
Here what they sold


You could see they had many kind of Indonesian cakes here, you could choose as many as you like. And the prices were vary but many were sold under 5,000 IDR (0.35 USS) each.

Here what we bought


The savory things:
fried vegetable with a shrimp on the top
fried tofu with mixed vegetables inside
triangle risoles
potato kroket
All were great with savory flavor and of course different ingredients.

The sweets:
Onde cake
Green layer cake (made from rice flour)
The green flowers were Putu cakes, it made from coconut, tasted coconut, sweet and a bit savory
Sus cake with vanilla vla filling
Dadar gulung cake (coconut and red sugar wrapped in the soft non fried crepe)
Chocolate layer cake with chewy texture
The last one, the pink one was my favorite cantik manis cake
All of it tasted sweet but not too sweet and of course they had their own texture.

Could you find the cakes i explained in the box?

You could try to come here too
Vinna cake
4th, Sungai Sambas Street VI
South Jakarta
open daily 6am-8pm

Restaurant Information

Vinna Cake
Jl. Sungai Sambas VI, RT.6/RW.5, Kramat Pela, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia

Assortment Indonesian Cakes - Jakarta, Indonesia
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thank u many...i love to taste them all!

thanks. yeah it were many. you could taste all here, but maybe you also have some in your country

I wish I was there to share the calories. Especially the green coloured ones

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haha. yeah they were all delicious

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