Puloculinary #135: A Break After Driving 87 Km: Sanger Espresso

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Hi tastemers, today I am driving from Bireuen Town to Takengon in Gayo Highlands. I have to drive about 87 Km. You know, the road to Takengon is long and winding. We must be very careful to drive on the road.

After driving about 87 of 98 km, I arrived in Lampahan subdistrict. To take a break, I had a glass of Sanger Espresso at MD Coffee Shop. It’s located just by the main road on the left side, in front of Subdistrict police office.


The decoration of its interior is great with vintage style. The lighting is good as well.




I ordered a glass of Sanger Espresso. Sanger is a famous blend of coffee in Aceh. It’s the mixture of coffee and a little bit milk. MD Coffee shop use an Etnica espresso machine to serve the coffee.




Let’s sip a cup of coffee for boosting our mood. A coffee break is a good move when we are exhausted and bored.

Warm regard,

Restaurant Information

MD Coffee Shop
Mekar Ayu, Timang Gajah, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh 24571, Indonesia

A Break After Driving 87 Km: Sanger Espresso
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What a stylish place. Loved it. By the way you must try Turkish coffee once. 🙂👍