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As I told you in the last post, that I stay in a small town, named Simpang Tiga Redelong, there are no many places to buy and enjoy variety of food. But, nowadays I found some Kebab Stall at several corners of town, one of them is CTR Kebab and Burger.


I am curious about the taste of kebab sold here, then I bought one on my way home from office.

I ordered a kebab with egg. There two options, kebab with egg of beef.


It looks good and tempting.


I used to eat kebab in Istanbul, Turkey. The taste is quite different. I think CTR Kebab has been modified to Indonesian tounge.


CTR kebab is little bit spicy, not so soft but I confess it’s more suitable with my Acehnese tounge.

Restaurant Information

CTR Kebab dan Burger
Simpang Tiga Redelong, Bukit, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

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Kelezatan dari kebab memang sudah tidak bisa diragukan lagi, karena saat ini kebab menjadi salah satu makanan yang paling di minati oleh sebagian anak muda milenial.

Salam kenal @razack-pulo

Betul. Dan kebab di Indonesia, sudah disesuaikan dengan lidah kita. Sangat beda dengan kebab di Turki.

Thanks @broncnutz :)

looks really nice :)

Thanks :) yeah, indeed

Bertohh mangat 😊

Hahahaha... beutoi

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raka nikmatnya membuat jadai makanan favorit.
Cuma namanya sangat hebat kebab burger campuran turkiamrik ya...