Puloculinary #107: Nona Bakery & Cake Shop in Simpang Tiga Redelong, Bener Meriah

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Nona Bakery & Cake Shop is one of bakery shot that I often enter, at least two or three times a week I buy a number of breads at this bakery shop. Sometime I enjoy them at the shop. Sometime I take them away.


The interior is quite cozy and clean.


The location of Nona Bakery is not so far from my house. It is right in the center of the city (Redelong Simpang Tiga), near the district hall.


There are so many variants of the breads they provide, with banana-chocolate, coconut, raisins, blueberry jam fillings and others.


I love the banana-chocolate filling variant. The texture of the bread is very soft and sweet taste that fits. I also like bread with coconut filling.


Price per piece of bread IDR 6000, quite cheap with very good quality.


Nona Bakery and Cake shop provide not only breads, but also blackforrest.


This bakery shop is a good place to buy some breads in Bener Meriah, one of districts in Gayo Highland.

Warm regard,

Restaurant Information

Nona Bakery & Cake Shop
Simpang Tiga Redelong, Bukit, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

Nona Bakery & Cake Shop in Simpang Tiga Redelong, Bener Meriah
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Thank you.

Looking at the pictures, I can say the the bread tastes HONEY! Wrong? Well, thank you for sharing some insight about this restuarant. It looks pretty decent and clean. Perhaps you could include a "conclusion" section on your reviews followed by your rating about the restuarant. Trust me, it'll make your review more editorial and intresting to read. Thank you for using realityhubs.


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Thank you for your feedback. I would make it better in the future 😁

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Wow everything looks so delicious. It's u fortunate about all that plastic packaging though.

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