Get an Arabica Sanger Before Flying

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For those of us who are very fond of coffee, wherever we are will always look for it. I am a coffee addict one. As it is now, before boarding and flying, enjoying a glass of coffee is a thing to do.



But enjoying coffee in the airport is certainly expensive. Therefore, I prefer to be outside the airport building, such as in Serambi Deli, which is located just outside the Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport building in Banda Aceh.




The taste of coffee is not inferior to other cafes that have got a place in the middle of coffee lovers in this city. That afternoon I ordered Arabica sanger coffee. It feels great. While my colleague ordered a glass of americano.




So if you are traveling through Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Banda Aceh, while waiting for your flight, there is no harm in enjoying a glass of coffee here.





The place is quite fun. The view is also good. One side faces the parking area, the other side faces the airport building.



Restaurant Information

Drink Station Serambi Deli
Cot Madhi, Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh 24415, Indonesia

Get an Arabica Sanger Before Flying
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