Espresso coffee plus cold roomie, culminating sensation

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Coffee is a drink that we can get anywhere. But coffee with a mixture of roomie juice, of course not a drink that is in any place right?

Now in my favorite hangout cafe there is a special menu that we call espresso coffee plus roomie. It feels good. I really like the taste sensation of a typical coffee with sweet roomie.

Kopi Nira.jpg

Roomie coffee will increasingly provide an extraordinary sensation if you add ice cubes. The sensation is increasingly peaked. There are no more words to explain it.

It's very different between us drinking coffee with added palm sugar. Though palm sugar is also made from roomie water which is then compacted.


So how about you? Are you also curious to enjoy a glass of roomie coffee?

If so, please stop by the cafe with the following address.

Restaurant Information

D'Royal Coffeee Reborn
Jl. Merdeka, Lancang Garam, Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia

Espresso coffee plus cold roomie, culminating sensation
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