A Detailed Overview Of The First Telos4Africa Meetup in Nigeria

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Today make it exactly a week and two days that the very first Telos4africa Meetup was held at 2nd Floor, Moselola House, 103 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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I would start by saying those that didn't attend the Meetup really missed alot. I said this simply because the teachings and activities of the Meetup is too valuable to be missed. However, I would try my possible best to make sure you guys have a bite of everything that went down there even though that is still not going to make up for it.

The Meetup started at exactly 12pm. Lots of people came from different places to grace the event and as such, it is very necessary that we introduce ourselves. So, the very first thing that happened was the introduction of each and every attendee right after we have registered our names on the attendance list towards gaining entrance.


TonyTalks at Work

Right after the introduction, we were introduced to Telos4africa and a run down of what the Meetup will entails. There was never a boring moment throughout that day. The MC in the person of TonyTalks was lively, funny and really good at what he does. He anchored the event excellently well right from the start to the end and I think everyone became even more interested right from the introductory part.

Then, the time to had a session with the founder of Good block.io, Douglas Horn came upon us. While the technical units were trying to connect to him via zoom, a game was quickly held in between where by the contestants were asked to arrange a scattered piece of Telos4africa Logo and the winner was awarded a Telos4africa T-shirt.


Winner of the Game

Finally, we were connected to Douglas Horn. He talked about Telos Blockchain, What Telos is all about, the vision, the mission, how Telos started and finally he gave a deep lecture into the Telos Whitepaper. His Lecture was really interesting and I learnt a lot of Telos Blockchain even though his accent was a little bit hard for me to get sometimes...lol!


Douglas Horn During his Presentation

Right after that, the leader of the Telos4africa initiative team, Destiny Marshall came stage to give his own presentation about how Telos started going as far back as the days of Bitcoin and blockchain creation in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. He linked that up with the reason why we need a blockchain like Telos. He made mention of some interesting features like Flexibility, scalability and transaction throughput as the fundamentals of Telos Blockchain which some of the existing blockchains lack. He did a good job in linking this up to Telos4africa; What Telos4africa is all about, Why him and his team decided to build the Telos4africa initiative on the Telos blockchain, What they have in stock for West African and All Africans at large and a whole lots of things.


Destiny Marshall During his Presentation

Next was a panel of four crypto and blockchain enthusiast from different fields that was set up to answer a series of questions and enlighten us about some important things in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. That was the part I love most. It was an engaging session and I really learnt alot from the speakers. They made realise where I am in the crypto and blockchain space and how long the journey is for me. Their great discussions really made me found myself and even if it's for that alone, I never regretted attending that Meetup.


The Panelists

Afterwards, some other minor activities took place. The co-founder of Sesacash, which a dApp built on top of the Telos blockchain talked to us about dApp, after which a gentleman came out to give us a quick run down of a dApp that will be developed on Telos Blockchain via Telos4africa initiative in the nearest future.

Sesacash Co-founder Presentation

Just before I end it, lots of prizes were won by people. Those prizes include the Telos4africa T-shirt, Telos4africa Hoodie, Two Android phones, Sesacash T-shirt and some TLOS tokens.

We were all smiling as we took a group picture together at the end of it all, and then we went for refreshment and it was light out at exactly around 5pm.



I have never attended a blockchain Meetup before. That happens to be my very first Meetup in attendance. I was one of the people who don't really give a damn about things like that. But I must admit that attending that Telos4Africa Meetup really changed my perspective about meetups. I really got to learn a whole new thing about cryptocurrency and blockchain. I do not really have a vision for myself in the crypto/blockchain ecosystem before that time, but everything changed for the better right after the meetup.

Therefore, I would strongly encourage that we should try to attend events that is planned towards making us a better person, especially crypto and blockchain events like this, simply because because cryptocurrency and blockchain is the Future.

A future we can't avoid, A future we can't do without. So, let's embrace it!


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Brilliant man! Great to know you went home with some knowledge. Do not stop learning.

Always good to learn new things. Thanks for stopping by

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