The Diary Game: Reminiscing On My Photo Album

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I am not sure if there are still many people out there having their collection of pictures through photo albums. Because of the technology nowadays, people will just save their pictures in computers, memory card, or external hard drives. Others had their photos saved on their phones or Google Drive.

Even though I saved my pictures on my phones, or uploading them on Facebook, I still print out pictures and put them on a photo album. It is something you can just pick up, and open them. It makes me smile seeing other pictures. While at times, it makes me cry as I miss some people I see there.

The picture above shows our pictures from volunteering while preparing for the assembly with my friends, also with my deaf friend, and the other friend while eating in Jollibee. Some of my friends there are already in distant places that even before the pandemic, we haven't seen each other for a long time.


In this set of photos are my friends, and I am with them on the other. They give pictures as keepsake. You know it sounds old school as we do that back then, but I miss the simplicity. We rarely had pictures before because of you have to buy films which is quite expensive. Thus, a picture given to you is precious. But now, deleting pictures is just so easy.


This last set of pictures shows the great time spent with my friends. We do eat in the restaurant, and the bonding is what I miss. We also visit the house of our friends. We also visit places.

These pictures are like time machine where it will take you to the good old days. It makes me realized I am already old, but I am happy because I had great friends, and great moments. Those moments are captured our delight as trip back at those times.

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