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This video will talk about 3 games on blockchain. Splinterlands, My Crypto Heroes and Knight Story and I will determine which game is the best, in my opinion.

Splinterlands was developed by Matt Rosen (@yabapmatt) . It is a collectible card game where you can tokenize digital game assets. This sounds incredibly complicated but in simpler words, Splinterlands has achieved in combining the benefits of online gaming with the collectibility and value of physical items. The value of the cards that you collect in the game rise as you play with them.

In conclusion, Splinterlands is one of the best games that blockchain has to offer and its simple yet effective formula for changing mana limits every single match keeps the game interesting and fun. However, by turning it into an proper application instead of a web application the game will be able to perform to its highest potential because it would allow the team to improve graphics, make gameplay smoother and would greatly improve the overall experience for the player.

The lore behind MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) is that historical heroes have disappeared from the face of the Crypto World and MCH miners(the players) have been tasked to venture into the Crypto World, fight enemies and retrieve all the heroes. MCH has been developed by double, a Japanese blockchain game developer. MCH is an RPG(Role-Playing Game) where you can form a team of up to 3 heroes and battle an enemy. There are two modes that you can play, PvE and PvP, the difference in them is that you play against NPCs in PvE and in PvP, you play against other players. The PvE mode is where you can find different items called extensions that basically make your hero stronger by increase damage, health, etc.

All in all, MCH is a great RPG game with a throwback retro art style but it still needs a more interactive user interface (UI) that is more easy-to-navigate and the player market should be regulated by Devs otherwise veteran players may abuse the system to exploit newer players which will harm the player base and discourage novice players to continue playing.

Knight Story is an RPG developed by Biscuit and is supported on the Ethereum blockchain. At the beginning of the game, the player receives their first knight, Eva, who has just completed knight school and has been called to the city in order to get rid of a wide cat.

A gameplay feature that has been integrated brilliantly into Knight Story is the creation of materials to craft items and synthesis of same items. Players can collect materials while battling enemies and then use multiple materials to make better materials. For example, 4 pieces of wood make one smelting stone. These materials can be used to craft items such as swords, staffs, bows, armours, amulets, and rings. If you craft two similar items, you can combine same items to make more powerful items.

Basically, Knight Story is the best mobile game on blockchain because it has a great user interface, rich lore, and smooth gameplay mechanics that are easy-to-use. Knight Story can become one of the best mobile games if the developers release new content to keep the existing player base and run a marketing campaign so that they can attract more players.

Splinterlands has the largest player base out of all the games on blockchain and that’s why this game has the fastest matchmaking. In. MCH, I had to wait 20 mins to get into one match, while I could’ve played 3 matches in that same amount of time in Splinterlands. Knight Story doesn’t have this problem because it is a single-player game and playing it is incredibly fun.

MCH is the most complicated game out of all 3 due to its complicated UI. Splinterlands UI is a bit better but you still have to play the game multiple times to completely know the game. Knight Story has the smartest UI by far and the best game on blockchain, in my opinion. It’s simple pick up materials and create items to get stronger is incredibly fun and that is exactly why it can attract kids, teenagers, and adults players. Simplicity is key. It can become one of the best games on blockchain easily.

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This is very comprehensive review of games on blockchain. Thank u for your efforts. Looking forward for more contributions.

I just quit MCH. I am going to be writing a review of it as well. In my opinion it is not a good game to get into unless you are prepared to fork out a ton of ether. After 8 months of me grinding with 6 teams, I barely progressed. That is with forking out about $300 in ether to 'start up'. Felt no progression. Frustrating. They made too many drastic changes that kept borking the system.
I might check out Knight Story based on your recommendation though.

I agree, do check out Knight Story, but it also requires somewhat intense grinding to level up.

I don't mind grinding games as long as it actually progresses you in a worthwhile way. With MCH for example, you could grind forever and just never get 'lucky' on a good drop, and thus, never progress. Progression in MCH was -GUM-. Earning GUM even with prime was ridiculously slow. You had to get a good drop and sell it to earn up to enough to buy an actual 'Hero'.. For me that just didn't happen... 8 months, I never earned enough gum to even buy one Hero. I had to buy them with ether lol.....

Anyways, do you actually progress (in Knight Story) at a better rate than MCH?

Yes, and Knight Story is definitely much more fun than MCH.

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