The Best Cameron Highlands High Tea: Scones Hunt

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What do Cameron Highlands and afternoon tea have in common? More than meets the eye, and it starts with the Malaysian past, which is full of cultural clashes. When the British arrived in Malaysia, their appetite couldn't fit on the afternoon tea tray, but they left the habit. The afternoon tea in Cameron Highlands is particularly inviting. That is especially true due to the refreshing climate and a few British colonial sites. Thus, we advise anyone who plans a voyage to try some Cameron Highlands scones, if not the whole afternoon tea set. Here are some ideas that can be tagged as "Little piece of England" and the best Cameron Highlands high tea.

Are you looking for the best Cameron Highlands high tea? Continue reading and find out.

The Lord's Cafe

Locals recommended us to try the best scones in Cameron Highlands that are served at the Lord's Cafe. Well, first thing first, they are referencing to the Chrisitan "lord" and second, their scones aren't really the best in Cameron Highlands.

Will kitchen prayer bring us the best scones in Cameron Highlands?

However, If you are looking to get your money's worth, then look for the sign of Lord's Café in Tanah Rata. It is a bit hidden, but you'll find it on the first floor in the building, next to the Terminal Freesia. Once there, you'll praise the Lord for cheap goodies that indeed are worth every penny. With that being said, don't expect the "to die for" refreshments and "five-star" service.

Scones at Lord's Cafe are so, so.

<h2Cameron Highlands Resort
Afternoon tea time at the Jim Thompson Tea Room is unique for its airy colonial interior and authentic bites. We liked a delicious tribute to the surrounding area in the form of fresh strawberries and BOH tea.

Cameron Highlands Resort Afternoon Tea includes local strawberries.

Actually, the standard companion of the Cameron Highlands Resort high tea set is a Gold Blend BOH tea or coffee. It was a great fit to the airy and moist scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Cameron Highlands Resort afternoon tea menu is light with the best scones in Cameron Highlands, classic sandwiches, and more or less traditional desserts.

Plain and raisin scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam

Cameron Highlands Smokehouse

The romantic garden with numerous blossoming flowers is incredible and perfect for the alfresco afternoon tea. If that is not possible, the Smokehouse has a large dining room just for the occasion. The Smokehouse high tea menu is relatively modest, but it will keep you in the perfect illusion.

The afternoon tea set at the Smokehouse is only for one person.

Both medieval English exterior and indoor monuments full of all sorts of antiques will set you in a different zone. Old-school bites also raised to the occasion, with all present homemade feel from strawberry jam to the bouncy fruitcake.

Welcome back to the good 'ol tavern.

BOH Tea Plantation

The BOH Café at the Sungei Palas Tea Garden is extremely popular with tourists. After all, a cup of BOH tea is a must once the tour of the biggest BOH tea plantation is over. There is more to the tea tour than just bushes, and so is to their café.

Boh tea plantation is the largest black tea manufacturer in Malaysia with a long history and beautiful plantations.

It's nice to have warm tea with a lovely view.

The most astonishing is the view over the lush tea forest. Then there are numerous desserts, perfect for a personalized afternoon tea set. We recommend adding a fluffy carrot cake and moist egg tart on your menu. As you can expect, their tea offer is abundant and very thirst-quenching before a trip to the gift shop. How about scones? To be honest, they were packed in plastic which took our appetite away, so we simply skipped them.

Carrot cake is a must at BOH tea plantation.

From the BOH Tea loose collection, this is our favorite.

Best Scones in Cameron Highlands

If you are looking for the best scones in Cameron Highlands, you should stop at The Smoke House. Their scones can be described as perfectly school ones. Great taste, nice texture, and lovely aroma without any inferences. However, if you are looking more for experience and the best high tea in Cameron Highlands, then the right address for you is Cameron Highlands Resort. Their afternoon tea is lush, tasty and adorable with a help of the ambiance.

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