Autumn on the Khortitsa Island

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Hello my Steemit friends!

Today I invite you to visit one of the most picturesque historical place in the heart of Ukraine. The Island of Khortytsya is considered the birthplace of the Zaporozhye Kozaks, there are also many stone monuments left here by ancestors long before the appearance of the Kozaks.

Let's Go!

Today, the Dnipro hydroelectric power station has calmed the rapid flow of the Dnieper. Earlier, the fast rivers of the Dnieper were a serious natural fortification of the island from outside encroachments

These photos were taken by me from the roof of the Zaporizhzhya Kozaks History Museum

A memorial plate to the participants of the liberation war led by Bohdan Khmelnitsky

The following location is a little on the side of the museum...

This and the next few photos show the reconstruction of Zaporozhye Sich buildings. They were built to film a historical movie, and as a result became a popular tourist mecca

This current Orthodox Holy Protection Church looks not unambiguously around pagan shrines

Today, local newlyweds love to celebrate weddings here.

...a series of centuries in one frame!

A mixture of epochs separated by a river looks interesting. There is a modern hydroelectric power station on one side of the river, and pagan shrines, memorial stones and a wooden fortress on the other ...

New one installation near the fortress

Here we can see the real anvil, which are not afraid of centuries and the old tool sharpener

The view that I chose for the cover of my publication I liked the most

Taras Bulba on the background of the Dnieper river and the Dnipro hydroelectric power station

Camera: Nikon W300

Place: !steemitworldmap 47.856853 lat 35.075523 long d3scr

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Thank you for visit

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