Latest price updates between TRON and STEEM

in hive-133987 •  2 years ago 

Today we see a downward movement, after crossing the rather high chart line, these two currencies have fallen again to date.

  • Tron

Tron had a good chart yesterday, and today is starting to decline. The highest price of yesterday was reached 0.00000201 Btc and returned at the price of 0.00000195 Btc at the current price.


  • Steem

Unlike the case with the Steem chart, starting yesterday jumped upwards, and a little downward movement. Steem prices yesterday reached 0.00002494 Btc and returned to the price of 0.00002339 Btc.


Market activity is also still normal, in essence there is no high movement there. Let's wait what will happen to the two currencies.

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