I Created a Soccer Page Breaker Design Free to use for Sportstalk

in soccer •  last year 

soccer pagebreaker.png

I created this pagebreaker using Adobe Illustrator and I want you guys to use it for free, I also included a text that has sportstalksocial advertisement on it so we can promote this platform more.

As we know soccer is one of the most popular game or sports in the earth for as long as I can remember. So anyone can use this footer for free as much as you want but ofcourse use this only for soccer related topics or else anyone might felt unease lol.



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Great thoughts, great contribution

looks great

Thanks a lot dude that means a lot

Great work as always. ;) I will probably be choosing one of your works then.. ;)

Feel free brotha

Nicely done! May I ask if you find the time and make a breaker with Sports Talk Social LOGO instead of a football? That would be super cool, I would def use it! I cannot really use the football one because I post nothing related to football:)

You have a good one now!

check my latest post buddy although it doesnt have the Logo of sportstalk it has a text tho. But I'll make a sports talk breaker thanks for requesting :), Imma gonna tag you in the post for the breaker im gonna make, I appreciate the compliment thanks :)

You are doing great community work, thank you!

Sure thing tag me when its done!:)

Thanks guys but there seems to be something wrong on my graphic haha here's the fix with the correct spelling.
soccer pagebreaker.png