Bittrex Airdrop for Steemians

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I hope "AIRDROP", "BITTREX" & "STEEMIANS" are 3 keywords to draw attention.

But to be honest, this New Year airdrop from Bittrex is not exclusively for Steemians. Still I'm using the word Steemians here.

Back in the days when Steem was not listed on Binance and Huobi; and STEEM wallet was suspended on all other major exchanges like Poloniex & HitBTC, the only major platform to trade STEEM & SBD was Bittrex.(SBD is still not available on Binance and Huobi). So almost all Steemians used to have an account with Bittrex.

But after the advent of Binance & Huobi, I for one, almost forgot about my Bittrex account. However I hope many of us Steemians are still active there.

If your account is still active i.e. you executed some trade in last six months then you might have already received an airdrop from Bittrex.

But even if your account wasn't active, you can make a trade now to get a $10+ airdrop. And for those who don't have an account, opening a new account & getting it verified is also eligible for a $15+ worth airdrop. The airdrop is in the form of Bittrex Credits & reduced trading fee.

More details on this airdrop is available here:

This offer reminded me of some Redcoins lying in my old laptop. I'd like to transfer those RDD to my Bittrex account now ...if I can get hold of that laptop 😜

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I think I had an account there. But, now I have forgot user id, password etc.

You can create a new account and do the KYC again if you are really interested to use that Exchange. Personally, I've still not participated in this offer. Perhaps the offer isn't very tempting for me 😉.

However I'm participating in the 1M USDT #giveaway of KucoinPlay. If you haven't registered for it and are willing to do so, here is my referral link:

Try your luck, who knows what you're gonna win!

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