A sensational battle for group A leadership keeps Voley Dumbría at the top of the standings.

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A sensational battle for group A leadership keeps Voley Dumbría at the top of the standings

Spectacular weekend in Male Super League 2 that confirmed the four contenders of the Prince's Cup and provided a sensational and exciting duel for the lead in Group A, where Rotogal Boiro maintains its undefeated status after defeating the still leader Voley Dumbria, after an agonizing tiebreaker.


In Group B, Tarragona SPSP continues to stalk leader Barça Volleyball who closed the day on Sunday with a clear win over Michelin Mintonette Almeria.

The duel for leadership and undefeated status in Group A was resolved as could not be otherwise in a spectacular playoff, which allows Rotogal Boiro to remain undefeated and Voley Dumbría to continue at the top of the standings.

The visitors managed to put themselves ahead on two occasions, the same as Emilio Palacio's pupils equalized to bring the match to a tiebreaker in which Sebastian Giraldo's actions were key to decant the result of the set.

Barça Volleyball maintains its trajectory of victories after overcoming Michelin Mintonette Almeria by the fast track. The blaugrana controlled their encounter from the beginning thanks to serve and block impossible to stop the whole Almeria, which could not cut the effective game of the block of Fredinson Mosquera.

Mediterranean Castellón won the match against Mundet Volleyball and closes a great weekend with two victories. The Castellón accused the tiredness of displacement in the first set, defeated by Barcelona with the success of Massimo Santin, but the reaction led by Vicente Monfort took the win to the visiting box that takes advantage of the double day to move up to fourth place in the standings.


Tarragona SPSP took the victory of the track of a Group Egido Pinto that did not demonstrate the difference in the classification between the two sets. The Tarragona had to be used to overcome the bottom of Group B, which came with options to force the tiebreaker, a circumstance that was prevented by the 32 points of Elio Carrodeguas.


Club Vigo Volleyball took the Galician derby against Intasa San Sadurniño by the fast track to break their opponent with a great job in serve and block that prevented the team of Juan Carlos Suarez come into play, before the good performance of the young team from Vigo, led in the scoring aspect by the central defender Eduardo Zarza.

Mediterráneo Castellón took a worked triumph against VP Madrid in a clash resolved in the tiebreaker. The successful game of the capital led them to put themselves 1-2 ahead but Vicente Monfort's 34 points forced the tie and guided Santi Lopez's team to a new victory.

Familycash Xátiva Volleyball added its second consecutive triumph when defeating Cisneros Alter by the fast track and breaking the equality between both. The Levantinos took advantage of the pressure of their service and a solid collective game to close a new triumph that separates them from the complicated positions of the classification.


The derby Extremadura Group A of the Superliga Male 2 took the course to Cáceres, thanks to the good work of Renato Mendes in an auction and the solidity in serve and blockade of Extremadura Cáceres PH that dominated Extremadura Aparth. MM Badajoz that only found in David Domenech the attacking guide to try to stop a block cacereño that was from less to more.

Volleyball Mundet opened its double day with a victory against Servigroup Benidorm. The Barcelona returned to obtain the reward for the great work of Massimo Santín and Victor Segura, to overcome a set Alicante could not control with its block the crash.


CyL Palencia 2020 defeated the bottom CV Bruxas on the fast track in a meeting controlled at all times by the team led by Ricardo Maldonado. Emilio Ferrández and Joan Domenech led the Palentine actions to add three more points in the classification against the set from A Coruña.

CV Calasancias scored three important points in its fight to get out of the complicated zone of the classification of group A, when it defeated CV Collado Villalba by the fast way. The A Coruña controlled the game of the Madrid with the actions of Angel Losada and Manuel Queiro, to prevent the constant improvement of the block of Pedro Pablo Garcia could lengthen the crash.


Cvleganes.com returned to the triumphs after defeating by 3-0 to CV Pizarra in an encounter where the good work of the madrileños and the numerous own errors prevented to the malacitanos to find a rhythm of the game with which to be able to stop to the set of Ildefonso Garcia.

Arona Paradise Park took a worked triumph of the track of Extremadura Laura Otero Group that.




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