Important triumph of Calasancias Coruña

in volleyball •  2 years ago 


A great match played by Calasancias Coruña against one of its direct rivals for avoiding the relegation positions, which means that Calasancias Coruña temporarily moves away from them.


The first set began with the local team very concentrated, with good passing and an unstoppable attack by the wings, impossible to control by the Madrid. In addition to the great attack, the field defence of Calasancias worked perfectly, making the local distances on the scoreboard and were annotated without complications the set.
The second set was very similar to the first, although the people of Madrid began to do damage with their attacks in zone 4, looking for the error of A Coruña blockade. Thus, the score was very equal until 10 - 10, time from which the attacks Queiro wings, Losada and Asier managed to break the defence visitor, scoring Calasancias the set with a comfortable 25 - 20.


In the third set changed the dynamics of the game changed: Calasancias made some errors in his best weapon: the attack, and the Collado players began to control the set, coming to distance with a 14 - 8. The second time out of the local trainer served to change the dynamics of the set: the locals recovered the success in the attack, neutralizing the advantage visitor. With an alternation of serves reached a 24-24, in which the home team imposed its good offensive game and his serve to score the final 3-0.


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