VulturesPick Started Crypto Trading Signal Service using Blockchain Data and AI

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Vulture’s Pick was introduced as Buy & Sell Signal Service for Indian Stock Market in 2016. It ventured out to extend its services to cryptocurrency market in 2019.

These signals are discovered with the help of Artificial Intelligence using price data from cmc, blockchain data from Santiment & some other sources like etherscan, ethplorer, blockchair, tronscan etc and hypothesis that markets are not completely efficient in any time frame. These inefficiencies, in due course of time, will eventually be identified by market participants and will vanish. So act on them immediately and let the market play out the magic in your favor. Detailed basic research report is published in UNDERSTANDING CRYPTO ECONOMIC CYCLES USING BLOCKCHAIN DATA FROM SANTIMENT. It has been further improved since its publication by additing my previous research work that uses options data as described in My work in the field of Artificial Intelligence - Episode 4 (2015-2017). The options data for crypto is obtained from many places like Deribit. The improved methodology will be published later after evaluating the performance of posted signals for some reasonable amount of time.

After extensive inhouse testing we have decided to post our signals to our account @vulturespick on steem blockchain. We are sponsored by @actnearn. However we also recognize that steemleo is a specialized community on Steem that is developing crypto investor community. Therefore, we will also tag our signals to steemleo community.

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