I have staked 809.79410264 JAHM tokens and 2 013.704 SPORTS sports tokens

in weedcash •  last year 

Hello there,

I would love to share with may happen of making 809.79410264 JAHM staked tokens.

Even though this looks so small to all you but is something depending on the that have staked everything I got for this platform.

Thanks for sharing your love will me because I would not have got anything if it was not you sharing what ever you have with me.



I ma very happy and will to stake everything I get from this platiform.

This is fight thing to do.

I believe the JUHM to token will on time be 1 used.

we do not now how power full those tokens are.

But with time I bwlieve those token will become the real deal.

There is alot of potatual in these projects.

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Please refrain from using the weedcash tag for a post like this. Weedcash is for cannabis related content. Im sure lots of these other communities will fell the same way.