Introduction To Weedcash & Steem- Part 1 Signing Up - Instant Sign Up - Canna-curate

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In this new series, I will be recording an introduction to Weedcash/steem I will be showing different parts of weedcash from signing up to making a post and upvoting.

This part I show you how to sign up to weedcash with steem or the best way is to come to visit us in Canna-Curate and get a free account.

Just join this link and come ask for myself or jonyoudyer or lethal or a couple of others will be able to help with instant accounts.

It would be great for everyone in the weedcash and steem community to share this video, I have also uploaded it to quite a few other places but if you have more places I should upload it please let me know.

I will be uploading more to the series over the next little bit to help spread the word on steem and weedcash as well to help people out.




Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a goal of 600 steem to help go towards a grow light.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

@ 0.0056 of 0.0102 BTC Goal - If you would like to help out please send steem to this account and reason in the memo and I will be sure to mention and give you upvotes.


^Mine Bitcoin With the browser open In background On any computer.


^Play the Best Blockchain-Based Game

^ Join the best Cannabis Social Site Around

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Excellent video @skylinebuds! I've got a few hundred INV tokens right now for onboarding new users. I also have a good bit of Steem Power to use for temporary delegations. Please let me know if you need any INV tokens or delegations for new accounts.

Awesome, will add you to the list of names to get instant accounts.

Sweet! He actually got 1 user onboarded from this video. We are just waiting for her first post. Ill dm her first post so we can show the appropate love.